Do you have a Hedgehog?..

or "How to find your niche", "How to be happy in business" and "The best career advice ever"

The first time I heard about this concept was from Anita Borg Institute website. It is a very useful article by Jo Miller, about finding your career niche, where she has mentioned the "hedgehog" concept. Just recently, I have rediscovered Tina Seelig's book and talks. And her talk entitled "Career Advice: Interests, Skills and Market" explains the idea in a short and funny way:

The original concept of the hedgehog was articulated by Jim Collins in his book - Good to Great:

He "describes the allegory of the fox and the hedgehog.
A fox is a true multi-tasker with many talents. It is fast, stealthy, clever, and an excellent hunter.
In contrast, a hedgehog has only one skill: it curls into a ball and pokes out its spines.
Yet, the hedgehog does this one thing so well that the fox can't beat it." (from the article mentioned earlier)

So how do you create your own hedgehog? Start by drawing a Venn diagram with three overlapping circles and fill in appropriately. Here is my illustration of the idea:

'The Hedgehog conecpt

Try it out! Find your sweet spot! And please, share with me anything that is as cool as this and I will share it with everyone! :) Here are some more related interesting links: