So apparently I am passionate about ice cream.. :)

I've just submitted my TEDxVancouver application! Yay!

TEDxVancouver application done

There were four questions to "Tell Us About Yourself" - accomplishments, passions, links for more info and what do we hope to get out of TEDx. I don't like bragging in general, so I've genuinely asked a couple of my friends to answer the "accomplishments" question for me. For the passions one... here what we have wrote:

"I am passionate about ice cream. I enjoy trying ice cream from different parts of the world. I have tasted local ice cream from just about every single country with names that rhymes with 'stan, also from China, Turkey, Canada, USA, Amsterdam, Belgium, France, and Italy. I would love to try new ice cream at TEDxVancouver... well, and everywhere else around the world."

Do you believe me? :)
Well, I really wanna attend the event and share all my other passions! :)