Summer 2011 Wrap up Series 1/7

Every summer since 2005 (when I started my "study abroad" life) I used to visit my family and my home country. This year, I unfortunatelly could not go home and I can endlessly complain about that. But from the other side I had LOTS of exciting events that kept me busy and actually influenced on my decision to "break my tradition" :)

I'm starting my Summer 2011 Wrap up blog series with a general overview of the events:

  1. My first REAL academic paper presentation at CAADFutures 2011 conference in Liege, Belgium
    (Blog post: Summer Wrap up 2/7: CAADFutures 2011)
  2. CAADFutures 2011 stuff
  3. My first trip to Googleplex! Attending Google Scholars' Retreat 2011 in Mountain View, USA
    (Blog post: Summer Wrap up 3/7: Google Scholars' Retreat 2011)
  4. Europe Itenary
  5. My first conference volunteering at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver, CA
    (Blog post: Summer Wrap up 4/7: SIGGRAPH 2011)
  6. Europe Itenary
  7. My first unConference - Design Thinking unConference in Vancouver, CA
    (Blog post: Summer Wrap up 5/7: Design Thinking unConference)
  8. Europe Itenary
  9. The first Creative Mornings in Vancouver, CA
    (Blog post: Summer Wrap up 6/7: Creative Mornings)
  10. Europe Itenary
  11. And the last, but not least important, is my first Europe Trip! Amsterdam, Brugges, Liege, Paris, Venice, Rome
    (Blog post: Summer Wrap up 7/7: Europe Trip)
  12. Europe Itenary

Dreams come true, eh? :) Stay tuned for the details and updates of the links! I really enjoyed this summer and hope thats my notes gonna be helpful for anyone interested. AND I am curious - how was YOUR summer? The twitter hash-tag for the conversation is #MySummer2011