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Thanks to Twitter, while surfing the web, I have landed on a video recording of a very interesting, useful and inspiring webinar by Leo Babauta and Jennifer Gresham! Glad to share the notes I took.


TIPs to make your life happier and more fulfilled:

  1. Understand the difference between "interest" and "passion":
    • Interests: Something that you enjoy doing, but you don't think about it all the time
    • Passion: Something that you wanna learn about, talk about, read about more and more! Answer it yourself: How many books have you read about this topic in the last month?
  2. Understand if your passion is a career material or just a hobby:
    • Career passion should give you self-pride and motivation to keep going.
    • Make sure that your career passion does not involve anti-passions (stuff that you don't like doing).
    • Do your personality and strengths align with your career passion? (Do you have skills/strengths that your career requires? Can you develop them? Are you willing to do that?)
  3. You can craft lots of different careers around your passion! And combine 2-3 passions in your career.
  4. In order to find your perfect career choice:
    • Go wild and start the iteration process. Answer these questions:
      1. Does this career meet my definition of success? Why or why not?
      2. Does it fit my passion, personality and strengths? Why or why not?
    • For new graduates - get out there, pick something and try it out.
    • Look for a mentor!
    • Understand your priorities. (Flexibility? Travelling opportunities?)
  5. Do something challenging everyday to give yourself a boost of confidence: "If you are not doing anything that does not have a risk of failing, than you are not challenging yourself enough" - Jennifer Gresham.
  6. Make sure you have a community that supports and encourages you.

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