GenerativeComponents e-seminars

GC Overview:

  • GC is a parametric and associative design system which gices users new ways to efficiently explore alternative designs.
  • GC captures design intent by graphically representing both design components and the relationships between them.
  • GC enables efficient design exploration and reuse without manually rebuilding the model for each scenario.
  • GC allows designers to work completely graphically, or to combine this with scripting and programming where appropriate.
  • GC is the tool of choice for those who appreciate that design is best when it emerges from a combination of intuition and logic.

Difference between GC and other 3D modeling programs - example with a coffee, moving coffee from the cup and changing shape of the cup to a mug.

Small files for GC models! (because its all scripting)

Case Studies

  • Krakow Stadium - Eike Schling, David Kosdruy, Technical University Munich - more info
  • Melbourne Rectangular Stadium - ARUP- more info
  • Wayne L. Morse U.S. Courthouse - Morphosis - more info

Practical Generative Design, Gladwyne, PA - Point B Design - more info