Summer Wrap up 2/7: CAADFutures 2011

Sometime at the end of last year (2010), my supervisors and me have submitted an academic paper to CAADFutures2011 conference.

CAADFutures2011 logo
"The CAAD Futures conference provides a platform of the highest scientific level and promotes international research interactions in the field of Computer Aided Architectural Design."

The goal of our paper (entitled "Change Detection in 3D Parametric Systems: Human-Centered Interfaces for Change Visualization") was to raise awareness of change detection issues in 3D Parametric Modeling Systems in relation to human-perception.
Best Presentation Award nominations

Thanks to support from my supervisors and SFU, we were able to travel all the way to Belgium (from Vancouver, Canada) attend the conference and present in front of academy and industry representatives interested in the future of Computer Aided Architectural Design. And to my surprise, I was nominated for the best presentation award. :)

Best Presentation Award nominations

Dreams come true, eh? :) Stay tuned for the rest of the series! The overview is at Summer 2011 Wrap up Series 1/7

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